Monday, December 9, 2013

art basel

art basel

I was in a heated fervor when scouting for pieces to create this set. In fact, this was all passionately spontaneous. I was scrolling through some Art Basel photos online, and it transported me to this awesome, bizarre place in my mind where I saw everything to the soundtrack of Funky-town. It's amazing what an "anything-goes" attitude can do. Suddenly, as I scrolled through online shops, my eyes were opened to all these colorful, fantastic garments, shoes, and accessories that I would normally never have the originality to appreciate. And voila, this set was made.

Among my favorite labels featured here are Charlotte Olympia (of course. they're everybody's, meaning my, favorite all the time these days) and the SUNO x The Webster capsule.

I wish I was in Miami so badly right now, I say as I watch snow fall and ice freeze outside my window...

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