Saturday, January 25, 2014



Rick Owens ribbed sweater / Boutique satin shorts / Stella McCartney Crystal-embellished velvet slippers / Mango handbag / Kate Spade bib statement necklace / Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana lipstick

Excuse me as I indulge in a quick blitz of some pure, unadulterated fashion today. If I were to take a shot at the vintage-modern style paradox, I'd picture something of this sort. Chic, old-fashioned shoes, luxurious satin shorts, a trendy turtleneck and a classic handbag blend together for a perfect tension of eras. Accessorize that with a slightly art deco statement necklace and lush, noir-rouge lips and you'll be posh as a Ritz.

And here's a swanky little tune to serve as soundtrack:

P.S. As far as music on the blog goes, I've been dying to throw in some of my favorite globally sourced songs. I'm thinking of doing a World Café weekly special featuring all kinds of fun, eclectic things, so stay posted folks.

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