Friday, January 17, 2014

Style Notes: Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2014

Ah yes, we've now begun our inevitable trek through January until April, that infinite, tundra-like expanse of the year between Christmas and warm weather. A magical winter wonderland is a fleeting and elusive dream compared to reality's enduring bleak and leafless panorama. To those lucky people living in more favorable climes, I grit my teeth in an envious smile. Let me tell you guys, (as in times past, brace yourself for an awful pun) the only type of frozen I like is the Academy-nominated Disney animation. I watched it for the third time tonight. Anyway, as a result of all the dreariness, I've been drawn to anything even mildly vibrant when it comes to fashion. Rich hues and novel prints, features I once eschewed for that chic fall minimalist vibe, are now an added plus. Today, I'm featuring Christian Dior's fresh and chipper Pre-Fall '14 collection. My favorite piece might be the re-imagined trench cut in the second-to-last look. Just imagine it in a fiction novel: Imogen, wrapped in an overcoat shimmering as a tree's reflection on pond ripples, left town with a whisper and a sigh.

Takeaway Points + Things to Try:

- soothing color harmony offers some much-needed refreshment: dark green, strong blue, and deep red balanced out by pale white and blush (still good for winter, but perfect for a premature spring transition)
- beading detail 
- a clean canvas of pure lines with pops of texture
- statement prints of delicate florals
- turtleneck effect
- longer skirts paired with knee-high boots
- dramatic spin on the LBD

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  1. Loving the sleeveless pink coat! I have a giveaway on my blog right now for a personalised necklace, check it out here
    B x

  2. So glad the minimalistic trend is in!

  3. Dior never fails love it