Monday, December 24, 2012

NYC Christmas Day 2 - Shopping

Feast your eyes on some stylish sites in NYC!

birds-nyc louis-vuitton armani-xchange2 bulgari trump-tower uniqlo

I was so lucky to have discovered Uniqlo, a wonderful Japanese store on the famed 5th avenue. Very nifty place, and it's so unassumingly huge! It's like something straight out of Harry Potter, where it looks small on the outside but somehow magically expands inside. Don't miss this, and you won't regret the great prices and cool packaging.


The window displays of Bergdorf Goodman were whimisical and dazzling and luxurious. I only took one picture with relatively little glare, so take it as a preview of what's there. Until next time, Merry Christmas!


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  1. You're so lucky to be there! The windows look AMAZING! Merry Christmas! xoxo from Belgium,

  2. You're lucky to be in Belgium as well! Always wanted to go there. Thanks for the comment!