Wednesday, June 26, 2013

London+Paris Video Diary!

london2paris1 paris2

I'm not ready to let go of Europe just yet, so I spent pretty much the whole day making this video, shamelessly reminiscing and basking in nostalgia. A nostalgia for naught 24 hours ago when I was still in the City of Light, stuffing my face with as much authentic pains au chocolats as I could while listening to Carla Bruni in the airport. I was already feeling sentimental then towards a trip which hadn't even ended. Anyway, I had a fun fun time making my first video diary. I know it's a bit shaky, and my camera skills are overwhelmingly amateur and borderline sucky (or should I say shaky), but nonetheless I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it's a tad long, too. I got carried away, but with good reason.

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