Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer = Dreams of Surfing

I sit idly on my board, letting the warm sun toast my back and shoulders, running my fingers through the salty sea, letting my tangled hair loose. I'm surrounded by ocean, by beach, by sun, sky, sand, and good vibes. Ah yes, this is my ultimate surfer dream. Just let me move somewhere near a tropical body of water, give me another round of lessons, and then I'll let you know if this is what surfing's really like ;) Until then, as we all enter the heart of the summer months, take a look at some gnarly surfing photos from LIFE magazine, circa the 1950s and 60s. Rad brah.


All photos belong to LIFE magazine, copyright of Time Inc. Click here for the full spread!

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  1. Can I confess a secret? I'm a little eensy weensy bit scared of surfing. Not because of the water or the exertion. Because of the sharks. I think Jaws has ruined it for me forever

  2. Ooh valid point. I forgot about the sharks..Every time Shark Week rolls around I vow never to splash in the waves, let alone surf. But don't worry, I heard some stat that it's much more likely to die from a car crash than a shark attack. Well..maybe that's not too comforting, but when you're surfing it is!