Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Tops for June


I'm still so equivocal in my opinion toward blogging about clothes. It's not like I'm the best at it, and it's not the most substantial topic out there, but it's a heck of a fun one, at least for me. Call it my guilty pleasure, but has it ever hurt anyone to relish the joy of lovely outfits and the allure of a stylish life? I may come across as materialistic at times, but really, what I'm obsessed with is not necessarily the clothes themselves, but everything they can represent. With that, let me show off some shiny new things I bought recently :) I tried to mix things up by buying brighter colors and different textures, because reviewing my closet, too many of my shirts (the essential tee times 10) looked exactly the same but in various pastels.


Favorite buy of them all? This lipstick from J. Crew in French Martini. It's not as coral bright as the box, but instead goes on a bit lighter, softer, pinker, and somewhat more translucent. You could layer on more for that bright coral, which would make a great accent for any summer outfit, or swipe on a sheer layer for everyday wear.



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