Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marilyn's Poetry

I was blown away when I read this article on Brain Pickings. We all know Marilyn Monroe, no need to go off on how iconic she is, but have you ever read her poetry? When I took a look at the thoughts that went on in her head I was taken aback by all her hidden complexity. I even got goosebumps! It's sad, actually, to be so misread by everyone. I feel like we'll never truly know Marilyn Monroe, what with an image that's stifled so much of her. Here are my two favorite poems of hers, courtesy of Read them in the context of her life's story and they shine new light on all you thought you knew about her. Read them in the context of your own story and it shines new light on that, too. Especially the first one. Really look at the first one.

Not too shabby, Marilyn.

Only parts of us will ever
touch only parts of others –
one’s own truth is just that really — one’s own truth.
We can only share the part that is understood by within another’s knowing acceptable to
the other — therefore

 so one

is for most part alone.

As it is meant to be in

evidently in nature — at best 
though perhaps it could make

our understanding seek
another’s loneliness out.

I’m finding that sincerity
and trying to be as simple or direct as (possible) I’d like
is often taken for sheer stupidity
but since it is not a sincere world –
it’s very probable that being sincere is stupid.
One probably is stupid to
be sincere since it’s in this world
and no other world that we know
for sure we exist — meaning that –
(since reality exists it should be must be dealt should be met and dealt with)
since there is reality to deal with

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