Monday, August 12, 2013

Snapshots No. 1

This is just me basking in what is the epitome of suburban supremacy...a plastic pool, a backyard, and a dog.

Compared to me at twelve, when I was, as I like to say, an energetic little ball of sunshine, I'm now not as inclined to jump into a stagnant, cold body of water unless it's scorching hot, the ocean, a pool party, or with friends. I just never know how to entertain myself in a pool anymore. What do you do in them now besides aimlessly float around? Anyway, at least the jacuzzi is quite nice, and the re-landscaping of our backyard has been a great success. What that means is that now I've got the perfect summer hangout spot for magazine reading, late-night hot tub dips, and al fresco dining :)

P.S. I'm rocking the outfit I posted the other day.
P.P.S. Inaugural snapshots post. That's right, there's (hopefully) more random lifestyle pics to come folks! Hehe
P.P.P.S. I updated my About page!

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