Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tiny Atlas Quarterly

I have a discordant, addictive love/hate relationship with quality travel blogs. When I scroll through a fresh ream of impossibly exotic photographs, I feel two conflicting emotions mix together: an aching endearment towards the priceless experience of traveling, and then, a grudging realization that I'm not actually experiencing anything. I'm only, once again, living vicariously through the internet. At this point I never know what to do with myself. I just keep going through all these photos, an array that varies from stunning vistas, humbling wooden shanties, fruit the color of fresh paint, and, of course, faces. Faces that stare unabashedly, or sheepishly, into the camera, with wrinkles, no wrinkles, browned cheeks, rosy cheeks. For me that's my favorite part. To see the expression of a soul who's lived in a different world. What must it be like?

Anyway, back to the real issue of this post. I've recently discovered this AMAZING online travel magazine with the best photography I've seen in a while. It's called Tiny Atlas Quarterly. They just did a special feature on Santorini, that irresistibly simple and pure legend of a city, and I can't stop poring over the photos they took there. They offer a tranquil and airy rendition of this cliff-side paradise and provide a completely refreshing take on a somewhat-clich├ęd (but never to be tired of), photogenic hotspot. These photos have a beautiful perspective that goes beyond simply capturing an already beautiful thing. Have a sneak peek here then go check out everything else this magazine offers at its website.

All photos belong to Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

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  1. I love this place, so beautiful!
    Lot's of love

  2. Oh wow, this place looks insane. I'd love to go one day.
    Lucia's Loves