Sunday, November 10, 2013


From the Cuyana website, Philosophy page:

"We believe in both beauty and intentional buying. We love the joy of finding treasures and the pride of spending wisely. We know that with less we are more and that the essence of insight is simplicity."
"We want to love every item in our closets. We want to revel in the tactile beauty of the world’s finest materials and marvel at consummate craftsmanship. We believe in style, not fashion; in quality, not quantity. We celebrate fewer, better things and strive to live a life of inspired simplicity."

"We started Cuyana because we believe fashion can be different. We think it can be more fulfilling and more soulful. Our different backgrounds intersect at the point where we hope to bring a greater quality of experience to people trying to buy better, and buy well."
This is exactly the concept of quality retail and fashion that today's world needs! Read up and explore about the company on their website, but here's a quick summary:

Karla Gallardo started Cuyana to "empower artists around the globe." It started with craftsmen in her native Ecuador who struggled economically but had no platform to make use of their artisan skills. Hoping to address these issues, Gallardo teamed up with Shilpah Shah and Cuyana was born. Now, people everywhere can enjoy elegant, classic pieces crafted from around the world, like the alpaca infinity scarf from the Peru Fall 2013 collection or the city walk panama hat from the Turkey Summer collection. The clothes themselves, chic and timeless, are enough reason to adore this brand, but Cuyana's global emphasis and socially-minded outlook make it even better.

It's really time we stop focusing on quantity when we shop, and instead make the experience about quality. At its core, Cuyana's mission is a challenge to the world's consumer craze, a craze where no real thought goes into what and why we buy. Their mission is instead a call to value and appreciate even the seemingly little things in life, because when made right, even they have a story to tell.

The Cuyana Story from Cuyana on Vimeo
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